Duals in the North Dakota

Welcome back to my latest blog entry. Right now I'm camped at the WalMart in Sioux Falls, SD and its 12:37am Wednesday morning, and I'm watching a movie that my daughter Alisha rented. I think the name of the movie is "I'm not that into you". So far, I'm thinking that Alisha wasted $1.00.

Got the Hell out of Dodge

Welcome to my latest entry, it is Monday June 15th and right now I'm sitting at an RV dealer in Sioux Falls, SD watching Dateline NBC and Chris Hansen interview stupid criminals that are getting caught in undercover operations in Vegas. Really, how hard can it be to find pimps, prostitutes, car thieves, and counterfieters in Vegas.

Camping at Dodge City

Welcome back, sorry I'm a little late in writing this weeks blog, but having my daughters out here with me has kinda altered my schedule, hopefully I will get back on track next week.

Alisha's Graduation

Welcome back everybody, I'm back on the road after flying home to Florida for my daughter's High School Graduation. It's Wednesday June 3rd and I'm watching Late Night W/Conan sitting here at Lawrenceburg Speedway. My youngest daughter Selena has joined me for the summer, she flew back out with me and we drove from Charlotte, NC. Tomorrow is fun day, Selena did really good in school this year and as a reward, I'm taking her to King's Island amusement park in Cinncinati.

A good Memorial Day Weekend

Welcome back to my latest blog. It is Monday May 25th and I'm back in Concord, NC at BulterBuilt Seats, I know I should be in Canadaigua, NY, but I have a flight out of Charlotte Tuesday morning to fly home to Pensacola, FL for my oldest daughter Alisha's, high school graduation on June 1st. I knew at the start of the season that I would be taking this week off to spend with my family during Alisha's biggest day of her young life. I'm also pretty sure that Donna is going to have a few honeydew list items for me to work on. So, I will be missing Canadaigua, Attica, and I-96.

On my way to Charlotte (updated May 18)

I need to update this blog and apologize to Cody Keller and his Dad Matt. When you continue reading, I got their last name wrong when I wrote this last night, I also thought that he raced mini-sprints, but I found out he races 358 limited sprints in PA. I'm sorry I got all your information wrong, but my heart was in the right place. After talking with Jeannie today, she informed me that Cody was really surprised and they totally cheered him up. Good Luck Cody, and get well soon.

What an eventful week

HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!!! I would like to take this time to wish my loving wife Donna a Happy Mother's Day, since our 10yr old forgot (way to go Selena) and another Happy Mother's Day to my Mom (Carol, yes the old woman who used to ride on Woody. Don't worry, my Mom won't know I said that because she doesn't like computers, so she won't read this, please no body call her and tell her I said that). Welcome back, it is Sunday night May 10th, and yes, I'm watching the final hour of Celebrity Apprentice, remember I predicted Annie Duke will win.

Hanging in Knoxville

Welcome back, it is Monday night and I'm still here in Knoxville camped at the fairgrounds. Right now I'm watching Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen is pretty damn funny. The reason I'm still here is, I took Woody to the transmission shop here, Advance Transmission. If you're ever in Knoxville and you need tranny work done, I highly recommend them and ask for Bruce. They rebuilt Woody's tranny last year, so I took him there to get his tranny checked and serviced. The other reason I'm still here is, I'm waiting for a package to be UPS'd to me at the Hall of Fame.

On my way to Knoxville

Hi again, its Wednesday night and I am parked at the Harrah's Casino in Coucil Bluffs, IA. It was my planned stop for a couple of reasons, the parking lot at Harrah's is right on the river and normally really peaceful at night and there is a nice laundromat in Council Bluffs that also has a big enough parking lot to park my RV & trailer. My plan was to do laundry tomorrow morning and then drive up to Huset's Speedway in Brandon, SD.

Camped at I-55 Speedway

Hi everyone and welcome to my 3rd blog entry. Right now I am sitting in the parking lot at I-55 Speedway watching Celebrity Apprentice on the boobtube. It has been rainin off & on all day, it has finally stopped about an hour ago. With all this rain, I have found that I have a new leak in my RV from somewhere in my roof in the right front corner. It is always something when you live in an RV full-time. It will give me something to fix this week.

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