Welcome to 2010

Welcome to my first blog entry for 2010, I figured it was about time I got off my lazy butt and got everyone caught up with what I've been up to. Right now I'm back in Deming, NM getting Woody ready for the start of the 2010 season at Volusia Raceway Park on Feb 5th.

Back home in Florida Part 3

Welcome back, right now it is 10pm Monday night December 7th. Please remember all those who lost their lives in Pearl Harbour, HI. I have been through Hawaii many times in my Naval Career, but I was always just passing through and I never had more than a few hours their, I would love to go there and visit all the WWII sites and pay my respects to all who served during that time.

Back Home in Florida cont...

Welcome back, right now it is Thursday night Dec. 3rd and I'm sitting in my living room watching the Jets vs Bills and the Oregon vs Oregon St football games, Alisha came home from College and is in the living room with me, hopefully she is working on her college paper, but more than likely she is chatting with her boyfriend. Well, lets go back in time and continue where I left off last night.

Back home in Florida

First off, I apologize for not keeping up with my blog, I don't have any excuses, except for I got lazy. Right now I'm back home in Florida to spend some good time over the Holidays with my family. I also will get to spend my 21st Wedding Anniversary with my loving wife Donna on December 30th. The least I can do is show her a great time on that special night, she puts up with me being gone 9 1/2 months out of every year and only getting to see her maybe a couple weekends during that time. I Love You Donna, and I am glad to be home.

Still Chill'n in Clarksville

I decided to write a little tonight, because I'm sitting here basically in the dark with no heat. Let me explain, since I let my coach batteries get to low on water (too damn lazy to check them during the year when I should have), I'm trying to revive them by using the equalize option on my inverter/charger. Basically I'm putting a 16volt charge to the batteries over an 8 hour period, right now they are boiling away (I can hear them gergelling away), kinda sounds like Tony's stomach when he hasn't eat'n for a long time (just kidding Tony, I just wanted to mention you in my blog).

Chilling at Bill & Lynda's

Welcome back to my latest blog entry, right now it is Wednesday Oct 14th and it is 10pm, I just got done watching Criminal Minds that I DVR'd earlier tonight. I am parked at Bill & Lynda's place next to their shop, where they normally park their RV, so I have electricity & water, & a dump, I can't thank Bill & Lynda enough for letting me hang out with them. I will probably be here for about a week, I have a few things on my RV to work on while I'm here, hopefully the weather will clear up so I can get them done.

Hanging out at the Fairgrounds in Syracuse

Here I am camped at the NY State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY at Super Dirt Week. I have been here since Tuesday evening, I can't complain, Chris Dolack set me up with a campsite with Water & Electricity, thanks Chris. When I got settled in Tuesday night, I went to bed with about 20 campers around me, when I got up and going on Wednesday mornig around 11am, I opened my shades and stepped outdoors and holy crap, there was like 300 campers parked around me, crazy. Well, I will catch you up from where I left off last Thursday on my last blog. Right this second it is Thursday Oct.

Ready for the Williams Grove National Open

To my faithful readers of my blogs and to hopefully some new readers, welcome to my latest blog. Right now it is Wednesday Sep. 30th around 10pm est and I am camped outside turn 2 near the pit entrance at Williams Grove Speedway and I am watching CSI NY (some dude is about to get mutulated in a bad part of NY, you gotta love TV, teaching today's kids how to kill people and get away with it).

Sitting in the rain in Celina, OH

Welcome back to my latest blog entry to my faithful readers and welcome to any new readers. Right now I am camped at the WalMart in Celina, OH, writing this on Thursday evening at 7:30pm est. I'm watching Wheel of Fortune, waiting for my favorite reality show to start, Survivor. I have been here since 12:30pm, Bill and I were supposed to go golfing this afternoon with my friend Todd who lives in Wapakoneta, OH. When we got here, it started lightly raining and drizzling and it hasn't stopped.

Back at Deer Creek Speedway

Welcome back, I'm sorry it has been a while since I last updated my blog, my only excuse is when I was in Chico for the Gold Cup, I have a lot of old friends that still live in that area and I tried to have atleast one adult beverage with each one while walking the fairgrounds each night. Plus, my parents came to their first WoO race since they retired last year, it was good to see them and they really had a good time and were finally able to enjoy the Gold Cup without having to actually work.

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