Sloshing around at Rainy Grove

Welcome back, this week I'm at Williams Grove (Rainy Grove) hoping that Mother Nature shines down on the Grove on Thursday & Friday. I'm writing this while I'm doing my laundry in Dillsburg, PA, it is Wednesday May 12th and it is 12:51pm.

Sitting at Eldora

Welcome back to my weekly blog, today (Thursday May 6th) I arrived here at Eldora around 4pm to beautiful blue skies, what a great day. I want to thank everyone, my website went over 10,000 hits this week, not too bad for a small one dimensional website, it only took a little over 1yr 5wks to get there. Well, lets get to what I've been up to since my last blog.

Already in Jackson

Welcome back to my newest blog entry. I am camped at the Jackson, MN Fairgrounds ready for Saturday to get hear so we can get back to racing. It is Wednesday April 28th at 10:00pm and I am watching the 11pm news from NYC, waiting for it to be 9pm in Los Angeles so I can watch the American Idol results show on Fox. Don't be jeleous because I have the east & west coast feeds from Direct TV. I'm hoping that Crystal doesn't get voted off this week, she didn't have her best performance last night. Now that you know where I'm at, lets get to what I've been up to since last Thursday night.

Camped in Haubstadt

Welcome back, see so far I'm keeping my word and I'm updating my blog weekly. Today I arrived here in Haubstadt, IN at Tri-State Speedway and I'm camped out in the back in the grass area. If your in the area, come on by and hang out with me. Right now it is Thursday April 22nd and it is 11:30pm. I just got done watching Survivor and my favorite (Russel) is still alive, he better hope those bee-atches he is an alliance with don't turn on him, I hope he wins this time.

Craziness in Oklahoma

Welcome back, first I need to apologize for taking a month long break on my blog entries. I really don't have any good excuses except for I was being lazy and procrastinating. Just think of my blog as a teenager, how hard is it to get them off their ass to get something done. I'm not going to make any promisses, but I will do my best to keep up with this weekly from now until the end of the season. Right now it is Wednesday April 14th at 2:35pm and I'm at my friends house (Casey) in Hernando, MS doing my laundry, no one else is here except for his dog Harley and the two cats.

Hangin' with Joey

On my way to Bulls Gap

Welcome back to my latest blog entry. Right now I’m camped at one of my good friends brothers shop near Bessemer, AL, Joey is one of my good Navy buds. Right now it is Tuesday March 16th around 10:30pm and I’m watching NCIS on the boob tube.

Somewhere in Texas

Welcome back, last weekends races in Tulare, CA were a couple of barnburners and I never even felt a drop of rain either day/night. If you looked at the weather forcast all week long, you would have never guessed that we would of gotten Satuday's race in. More on those races later, right now I am on my way to Kilgore, TX for Friday nights race at Sam & Lisa Hafertepe's Lone Star Speedway, I can't wait to see what improvements they have made over the winter. Sam told me in Volusia that he has made big improvements on the back straightaway for the cars to exit the track.

Viva Las Vegas

Welcome back, what a great race at Vegas, if you weren't there, you missed a classic. I'll get more into the race later, but like I always do, I let you know when & where I am writing this blog. Right now I'm camped in the pit area at Thunderbowl Raceway at the Tulare, CA Fairgrounds, it is 9:51pm and I am watching the new NBC show "The Marriage Ref" on the DVR. I've only watch the first segment and I'm not sold on it yet, we will see how it goes.

On my way to Vegas, via Deming, NM

Welcome back, quite a bit has happened since my last blog entry, 5 races scheduled in Volusia (2 All Stars & 3 WoO), 4 races completed (the opening night WoO race on Friday was rained out), Woody kinda gave me fits each night, but I know what the problem is and will get it fixed before Vegas. I'm on my way to Deming, NM to Mom & Dad's for about 4 days before I head to Vegas. Right now it is 9:40pm on Tuesday Feb 16th and I'm parked at a Sam's Club in Beaumont, TX for the night and I'm watching the Winter Olympics on TV.

Made it to Volusia

What's up everyone, I made it to Volusia yesterday (Feb. 2nd) in the afternoon and pulled into my normal spot in the camping area by the go kart track. If your at the track, come by and say hi. This entry will be a short one, right now it is 2:50pm and I'm going to work the All Star races, so I have to be to work around 4pm.

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