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What a crazy winter

First I just want to thank everyone for all the supportive emails and phone calls during this unsettled winter. I apologize for not updating my blog during this time, but to be honest I wasn't really in the mood to write about everything that was happening. This winter has been quite crazy and trying on my nerves, but now everything has settled down and is coming together nicely for a great 2011 season. Right now it is Saturday February 5th around 2:30pm and I am home in Florida sitting on my couch watching the golf tournament on CBS.

Made it to Concord, NC

"GIANTS WIN, GIANTS WIN, GIANTS WIN" Finally, one of my favorite major sporrts teams won the championship. Ever since i started watching Football and Baseball, I have faithfully rooted for the SF Giants and Minnesaota Vikings, I can finally say my team won the World Series.

Camped in Syracuse

Welcome back, I know I took a week off from writing, I just didn't get motivated sitting in the rain at Williams Grove, and man did it ever rain. So, now I'm camped at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY, hang'n out with some pretty cool modified fans. Right now it is Wednesday Oct. 6th around 9:40pm and I'm watching Criminal Minds. I just watched the new Survivor and after last week when Coach Jimmy Johnson was voted off, I new the older tribe would be thrashed by the younger tribe, which they were.

Sweating in Eldora

Hey look, I'm finally updating my blog within a week, not 10-15 days later, now it won't take me as long to write it either. Right now it is Thursday Sept. 23rd and it is 7:51pm, I am camped here out in the camping area out front of the Pit Area entrance at Eldora Speedway, I can't believe it is still in the high 80's, when I arrived here around 3pm, it was in the mid 90's, for christ sakes, it is Late Sept and we are now officially in the Fall season, it sure doesn't feel like it today. I'm sweat'n my (you know whats) off.

Made it to Spencer, IA

I survived the Gold Cup and I made it to Spencer, IA, I will cover the Gold Cup and my eventful trip to Spencer later. Right now I'm parked in Spencer, IA by the A&W Rootbeer, hopefully I won't get kicked out of here tonight, there are signs that say no overnight parking, so I will find out later if the cops come and wake me up in the middle of the night. It is Thursday night at 10:50pm and I am watching the searies premiere of "The Apprentice", basically a bunch of loosers who all have some kind of sob story about being laid off and not being able to find a job.

Parked at Grays Harbour Raceway in Elma, WA

Today, Sunday Sep. 5th, I was up around 9am and on the road by 10am. I left Skagit and headed for Port Orchard, WA, over by Bremmerton to visit with one of my wife's best friends (Stephanie) and her husband Juan and their son Jaden (7yr old). I hadn't seen then since Christmas 2007, they moved from the Pensacola area in 2008 to WA. I made it to their place around 12:30pm. They were kind enough to let me do some much needed laundry (it has been since Minot), I was wearing my last clean pair of whitey tighties.

Camped at Skagit

I'm back, I finally got motivated to write a blog and catch everybody up on my travels since I left Minot, ND. Right now it is Saturday afternoon and I'm camped at Skagit Speedway watching NASCAR qualifying. The weather looks like it is going to be a good night for racing.

Camped in Minot (cont'd)

I'm back as promised, I'm still here camped at the fairgrounds in Minot, ND. Today I had a few things to do, I rotated the tires on the trailer, went to the laundramat and did my laundry (ran into Jason Sides and his crew guys Doug & Finch) and then I caught up on a bunch of paperwork I had been neglecting. I called Gene & Starla to see if they were going anywhere for dinner, but when I called them they were on their way back from having dinner with Paul (he drove Schatz souvenir trailer for the past 3 months and he lives here in Minot).

Camped in Minot

Welcome back, it is Sunday Aug. 22nd at 10:30pm and I'm camped here at the Minot Fairgrounds, just kinda waiting to head back into Canada for next weekends races in Edmonton. Today I got motivated to clean everything, Woody, the Motorhome, and Woody's trailer. It took me about 4 hours out in the hot sun, it was around 95 degrees with no clouds, but I got it done and everything looks good. That means it is going to rain soon, probably when I'm driving up to Edmonton, that is the Malies' Luck.

Made it to Minot

Wow, what a busy 14 days, I finally have enough time to sit down and write. I ended my last blog entry right before the Ironman 55 at I-55 Speedway in Pevely, MO. Right now I'm camped in the pit area of Nodak Speedway in Minot, ND, the home of the "Minot Missle" Donny Schatz. I arrived today Aug 19th around 4:30pm and attended the Meet & Greet at the Sleep Inn, SLS tries there best to make their 2 day events just that, an event. They have these Meet & Greets and pit parties, something I wish all the traveling teams would attend, that way we might be able to attract more fans to the races.

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