Camped in the rain at Elma, WA

Welcome back to my blog, I have some free time while I'mcamped here in Elma, WA as it continues to rain on and off every couple hours. Right now it is 9:20pm and I'm watching the CBS reality TV show "There Goes the Neiborhood". The Upshaw family is dominating this show. I also watched Big Brother, if Kevin (the gay dude) doesn't win POV on the next show, I'm thinking he's a gonner. Oh well, I guess I will find out Tuesday night. Enough of the TV crap, let's catch you up on the weekend happenings at Skagit Speedway.

Back from Canada, camped at Skagit Speedway

Welcome back to my latest blog entry. Right now I'm camped here at Skagit Speedway, it is Thursday (3 Sept) at 9:30pm pst. I'm watching the college football game between Oregon vs Boise St, Boise St so is dominating the game but Oregon is starting to make a comeback. Earlier tonight all of us (Bill & Linda, Jim & Lucy, Frank & Cathy, Walt & Gaye, Tom and I) went out to dinner to our favorite restaurant the Chuckanut Manor, it is a Bed & Breakfast out on the coast, excellent food and service.

Knoxville Nationals Part 2 & North Dakota

Welcome back to my faithful and new followers. Right now it is Tuesday August 25th around 9:30pm. I'm camped at an RV park across the highway from Schatz's Crossroads Truck Stop in Minot, ND, I've been here since yesterday. I'm watching America's Got Talent, so far I haven't seen an act that I like. Earlier I watched Big Brother, my favorite on the show is Jeff, but he made a huge mistake tonight using his veto power and taking Kevin off the block. If Jordan doesn't win HOH on Thursday, Jeff is going to be on the chopping block.

Knoxville Nationals Week Part 1

Welcome back, I know it has been a while since I last posted a blog entry, but it was a very long 12 days since my last entry. Right now I’m camped at Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, MN watching it pour down rain since 1:30pm. The races for tonight have been postponed until September 19th. Now I am just waiting for the rain to stop and the roads to dry off before I start heading to Grand Forks, ND for Friday night’s races. I hope you enjoy this blog, it might get long winded, but I do have 12 days of stuff to write about, and I do not type that fast.

Camped at I-55 Speedway

Welcome back to another installment of my blog, right now I am camped at I-55 Speedway in Pevely, MO, it is 12:32am on Friday Aug. 7th. I am watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with my oldest daughter Alisha. I last left you right after we got into Canada. So sit back and I will catch you on what's been happening with us.

Headed to Canada

First off, I apologize for the long break since my last blog, however the racing schedule and rain gods have not given me much time to sit down and write. Right now we (Alisha, Selena & Justin and I) are driving on the NY Thruway headed for Buffalo and the dreaded border crossing into Canada. If you hear me scream it is because Alisha is driving thru Syracuse right now and my asshole has sucked up the seat cushion as far as it will go. She is doing a great job driving but in a bigger city with big trucks doesn't exactly give me the most comfortable feeling..

Busy week in Wisconsin Cont'd

I apologize for the abrubt end to my last blog, my daughters finished the laundry and it was time to head to Limaland Speedway for the Doty Classic. Right when I got there, it was time to go to work, so I wasn't able to get back to finishing the blog entry, so here goes, finishing up blogging about my week in Wisconsin.

Busy week in Wisconsin

Welcome back everyone, it has been one busy week and not all because of racing 3 times while driving over 1,100 miles. Right now I'm parked at a laundermat in Lima, OH and it is 10:30am and my daughters are doing the laundry, thank god for children that are old enough to help out. Man do I have a lot to tell you about how my week went, here goes.

Wet & Wild 4th of July Weekend

Here I am after a wet & wild weekend, back in Knoxville, IA (it seems like I never left). Right now it is Sunday July 5th around 10:30pm and I'm watching the news from New York (see, I do watch something other than reallity shows). We arrived here in Knoxville around 6:30pm and parked at the fairgrounds, we left Eagle Raceway in Eagle, NE at 2:00pm after watching the finale race from Dodge City on SPEED. This broadcast was a little better than last weeks, but again all the focus is on Joey & Donny?????

Back in Knoxville

Welcome back to my latest blog entry, right now it is Monday night around midnight and I'm camped at Marion County Fairgrounds, better known as Knoxville Raceway. I'm watching "Here Comes the Newlyweds" on ABC, can you tell I've turned into a reallity TV junky. Lets catch you up on last weeks adventures.

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