Eric Malies Bio

Eric Malies
Born: February 15, 1966 in South Lake Tahoe, CA

Home: Navarre, FL

Married: Donna Malies

Children: Alisha 17, Selena 10

Parents: Art & Carol Malies

Grew up: Carmichael, CA (suburb of Sacramento)

Graduated: 1984 from Mira Loma High School, Carmichael, CA

Favorite Sports: Auto Racing (All types), Bowling, Golf

Navy Career: October 1984 - March 2006

In April 2004 I started working part-time with AEROfx Productions filming the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series for the Outdoor Channel. I was in-charge of the speed shot cameras mounted on the front straight and the in-car cameras. I also was the off camera pit reporter. In 2006, I traveled the entire WoO schedule with my friend and our best cameraman Randy Frank, in my motorhome towing the TV production trailer. When we weren’t filming the races for either the Outdoor Channel or for Dirtvision, I was able to start helping my parents and learning how to operated Work ‘n Woody.

The end of the 2006 WoO season also saw the end of the Outdoor Channels broadcasts. For the 2007 season, I worked with my parents operating Work ‘n Woody in hopes of gaining enough experience to take over Work ‘n Woody and allow my parents to retire. In July 2007, my wife Donna was called up to active duty by the U.S. Navy Reserves to deploy to Kabul, Afghanistan for a six month tour with the United Nations. I was never more proud of her for (except for when she gave birth to our two beautiful daughters) stepping up and representing her country when called upon. After the 2007 Knoxville Nationals, I went back home to Navarre, FL to take care of our girls.

In 2008, my parents told me that no matter what it was going to be there last year operating Work ‘n Woody. With the support of my family, I traveled the entire WoO season and learned the in & outs of how to travel the tough schedule and operate Work ‘n Woody.